About Caffé Centrale

outside of Caffé Centrale Italian Restaurant in Hamilton New Zealand

The team at Caffé Centrale love to share their Italian culture and cuisine which is prepared fresh from quality local ingredients.

They are all about having an enjoyable meal and the pleasure of sitting, talking and eating.

It is not "fast food" and is definitely not for those in a hurry to finish a meal.

The Italian cuisine as prepared by Caffé Centrale is recognised as being a Heritage Status Mediterranean diet by Unesco

Caffé Centrale are proud sponsors of the New Zealand Italian Film festival and the Hamilton Italian Festival.

Our Chef


We popped down to Cafe Centrale for dinner afterwards – a modestly priced veal marsala for me and a substantial bowl of spaghetti for Iggy. It was fine, accessible, family fare and served with healthy steamed vegetables as part of the dish, which I applaud.
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